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Wandering through the landscape, far away or just around the corner with a camera in my hand. Searching for peace and reflection. This hits me every single time. And every time it results in a different series of photographs in which the landscape shows me exactly what it wants to show me.

The series Waves came about almost by itself, during the period that I was in Findhorn, Scotland. The magical sea over there inspired me to take the first Waves photos. Sometime later, I had the same special experience at the Costa de la Luz in Spain.

There I was, with my feet in the ocean. It moved me. It was like coming home, first in Scotland and later in Spain too. These two are for years my favorite countries, and now I know and can feel why. The combination of those countries with the sea completes the best version of me.

And suddenly I think of the phrase ‘without water there is no life’. That’s it! With my feet in the ocean, I can feel life again. Water symbolizes everything that flows, it conquers all obstacles, it runs around everything it crashes into. And our subconsciousness, our imagination, our connection with our surroundings and our intuition have the space to grow.

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